Massage RitualsPure Relaxation

A very relaxing swedish style massage, designed to relive stress. Leaving you refreshed and relaxed.
50 minutes $115
100 minutes $220

Vive Signature Seashell Massage

The shells are “Gifts of the Sea,” naturally smooth, easily contouring your body. Shells offer a unique healing experience leaving you with a light uplifting energy.
50 minutes $125
100 minute $240

Deep Tissue Sports

A deep tissue massage based on techniques designed to provide therapeutic impact for the physical needs of athletes. Deep penetrating manipulation of the muscle groups energizes your entire body. A must after any strenuous workout.
50 minutes $140
100 minutes $270

Hot Stone

Hot river stones are used to bring relief to tense muscles and sore joints. Massaging with deep, penetrating heat and smooth stones, your therapist is able to effectively work your muscles and balance your energy.
50 minutes $140
100 minutes $270

Hot & Cold Stone

Hot river stones are used to penetrate deep into your muscles followed by Cold marble stones to flush the system and soothe any inflammation.
50 minutes $150
100 minutes $290

Hanakasumi Foot Ritual

A sensorial foot ritual based on reflexology. This intense foot massage incorporates a delicately scented exfoliation cream with cherry blossom and rice powder and finishes with melted aromatic shea butter to nourish and smooth skin on feet and lower leg. This concentrated foot ritual improves circulation and nourishes the skin.
25 minutes $75

Pregnancy Massage

Designed for maximum comfort, this is ideal during pregnancy, relieving many of the physical and mental stresses unique to the expectant mother. (Not available during first trimester)
50 minutes $130